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Cable on Radio in Holland...
« on: September 11, 2006, 06:12:41 pm »
I was sat having half a Guiness with Neil and Pete a couple of weeks ago and as always we some how managed to get onto old Cable stories, Pete loves it!!

Apparently Matt used to own a twin speaker Marshall valve guitar combo, he used to turn it on it's side so that he could hear it a better on stage, he put in ontop of his flight case...

Every time Pete saw this happening Pete uesd to curse and warn him that one day a valve would fall out, due to the way they were mounted inside the cabinet...

Right, you can see where this is going already...

Cable are set up inside some sort of venue, readyt to play to a live audience and be on the radio at the same time, they had just checked the sound and every thing was fine and ready to go.

By this pint the DJ was ready to introduce the band and was just finishing the final record beofore they were due to play, just to be on the safe side he asked Cable to check their sound again, just as a safety net.

What do you know, no suprises as for what happened next, Matts guitar stops working mysteriusly. Pete being Pete knows exactly what has just happened, so he puts his bass down, goes behind Matts amp, picks the valve up and screws it back in the amp. You might think, yeah fair enough jobs a goodun', bare in mind that this amp has just been on standby or in use for the best part of a couple of hours. Valves get very very hot, Pete hasn't realised this yet until he puts his bass back on and feels the pain!!

At this point the DJ hears Matts guitar working, Pete is screeming in agony as he sees his hand blister up before his eyes, Neil is in a state of confusion and mistekes Petes screaming as a cue to count the first song in! Apprently as the song wore on Pete felt every single blister pop!!

The last song of the show was apparently Murdering Spree, if you know the song you will know that it ends with a brutal drum and bass close!!

Well they get the end of the song and Neil can't hear the bass any more, so he turns around to see Pete holding his had up to his face with blood dripping from it, all down his, down his bass, fuckig every where...

Moral of the story is, don't try and plug hot valves bac into an amplifier!!

Sorry if I rambled on for a bit!!

This was really entertaining to hear coming from the horses mouth, Neil was giggling like a girl the whole time Pete was telling me this story!

I cried!

Pete Cable

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Re: Cable on Radio in Holland...
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2006, 12:47:41 am »
It's true. I was so badly burnt we needed emergency weed to numb the pain. I noticed the valve had fallen out just as the producer started to 10 sec countdown in to the start of the first song. So I just thought 'FUCK!' and grabbed it without thinking. If Richie shows up tho, he should tell the story of how he removed the end of his index finger with a stanley knife about 5 minutes before we had to go on at Southampton Joiners. It's much funnier. It was like a Dwarves Gig.