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No i dont have them to give away, wish i did but i spotted these on ebay in case anyone fancies them

I've still got an unused one or two of the Cable logo, similar to the graphic at the top up there ^

I still have a couple of the Cable logo stickers left too, Pete sent me a few back in the day and I remember sticking one on a guitar so god know what I did with the rest of them. Ebay turns up some great Cable rarities every now and again, I managed to find all of the promo?s missing from my collection there for little money.


Yeah i grabbed a few stickers at their gigs. Ive still got the WAA poster on my wall, held together with sellotape.

The promos are mental eh! I picked them up in record shops. feathers? stones? sheet of metal with teeth imprints, sublingual promo was in brail.. ace!! worth buying for the novelty factor alone.

Infact the only one i dont have i think is the 12" of Freeze The Atlantic. Anyone have this? I was wondering what track was on the b-side, was it the same super charger remix of freeze the atlantic as on the cd?  That one was pretty shit and i remmeber reading in an interview the band werent too pleased with that one either, but i do remember reading there were a few others  done, and some of bluebirds are blue remixes on  white labels too?? Id love to find them if there are

Funnily enough I have a signed When Animals Attack poster in a frame, I really don?t know many bands that would send signed posters, stickers etc to you.

My Sub-Lingual promo is still sealed so I?ve never seen what the CD looks like, I?m still hunting for a copy of the Honolulu promo as it?s the last thing I need to complete my collection (I shall find one though).

As far as I know the Freeze The Atlantic 12? remix was the same as the remix on the Freeze The Atlantic promo CD (which in all honesty was really quite arse) does anyone have it that could help put us out of our misery?



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