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Title: One year ago and the Demo EP.
Post by: mogwai on November 21, 2013, 09:39:08 pm
Well, a year ago I and three mates, after travelling up from NW Kent, were having a little pub crawl of Derby and looking forward to something i never thought would happen again....yes, Cable were playing. We all, everyone there, were treated to a fantastic gig with the friendliest audience i have ever come across and, the love between band and fans was more than evident with the night, happily (and drunkenly) elongating at Bar One. On that night i purchased the Demos EP and whilst travelling home the following day, decided that i would save playing it until after the gigs with Hundred Reasons thereby giving me something to look forward to when Cable were (sadly) gone again. The Garage gig was announced before i played it so i thought i'd wait until other dates were (hopefully) slated. Unfortunately, and heartbreakingly, this (so far) hasn't happened so today i finally listened to it and wasn't in any way dissappointed, i didn't for a moment think i would be, it is brilliant but having now played it, i can't help thinking, depressingly, that (unless anyone hopefully knows differently) Cable won't play again.

Oh please, PLEASE Cable, do it again!!

Title: Re: One year ago and the Demo EP.
Post by: daryltaylor on September 09, 2017, 10:29:55 pm
There's still 7 copies of the Demo's and Unreleased Cd here if anyone still needs one.