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Title: Cable peers
Post by: Rob on September 06, 2006, 04:39:29 pm
Does anyone listen to the bands that were around at the same time as Cable and in the same sort of niche?

Bands like Understand, Jetpak, A (old stuff), Idlewild (old stuff) etc.

Understand are one of my fave bands. So underrated at the time and yet another victim of major label signing before they were ever ready for it.
Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: Corporate_Automaton on September 06, 2006, 05:12:36 pm
Ahoy, Rob!

I was a big fan of 'A' back in the day but I'm not so big on the more recent stuff (I haven't got their newest album but from what I heard of it, I don't think I'd like it).  I think they've split now because their label dumped them when their latest album wasn't the massive success they expected.

As for the other bands, I can't say I've ever heard of Understand and Jetpak though I'll make an effort to track down some songs and have a listen.  It seems weird that I've never come across Understand - if they were on a major they must have been fairly big?

As for Idlewild, I liked the few songs I heard but never got round to buying any albums (I'm a lazy, lazy man!).


Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: Damon on September 06, 2006, 05:17:20 pm
I loved A back in the day but I think it was when they made Hi Fi Serious they suddenly had become a pop/punk chart friendly band and lost their original appeal, they were such a great live band and had a massive following but (like Cable) never quite managed to make it as big as they deserved.

Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: Rob on September 06, 2006, 05:23:15 pm
to be honest i've never been a big A or Idlewild fan.

the first Idlewild album is alright - a lot more gritty than their other efforts. i think it was produced by Paul Tipler, probably the reason why Cable chose him to do Sub-Lingual.

conveniently - Understand and Jetpak released a split single, which is pretty ace. (bit pricey though - ) Understand's album Burning Bushes And Burning Bridges came out on East West. should still be able to get somewhere.

Understand are stuff sort of in the vein of Quicksand, Helmet kind of stuffy stuff. and Jetpak are a bit more poppy (their guitarist went on to the little-known Hundred Reasons).
Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: Jezmyers on September 06, 2006, 06:53:51 pm
i'll do a big post on A/Understand/Jetpak and where they all are now when I get home later, what this space...
Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: Rob on September 06, 2006, 08:59:40 pm

i'm praying to God that you have a copy of Understand's unreleased second album, Real Food At Last. if not, i'm going to cry.
Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: Corporate_Automaton on September 07, 2006, 09:32:15 am

I'll do a big post on A/Understand/Jetpak and where they all are now when I get home later, watch this space...

Cool - I'll look forward to that.

A quick search for Understand and Jetpak songs on the interweb proved unsuccessful - I'll have to try and get a copy of that single to check them out.

Damon, you hit the nail on the head about 'A';  Hi-Fi Serious signalled the beginning of the end of 'A' for me.


Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: PlacidCasual on September 07, 2006, 10:43:27 am
LOL I too was an 'A' fan before they turned a little bit, well, rubbish..

Respect to them though coz when i was at 2 of their gigs in Edinburgh on sepearte occasions both times Jason Perry spotted me in my Cable t-shirt and said the kid in the Cable t-shirt rocks! and told everyone to go out and buy Cables new album and he invited me up on stage and then started playing Number One. He passed the mic to me and i didnt have a clue what the words were so i just screamed "Pancakes!!" and stage dived into the crowd. Ahhh being 17 again!!

I used to go see Idlewild a lot when they just started out, they were pretty good, i think theyve turned a litle bland now though. Bob from Idlewild left to join Degrassi who i used to drum for (well i played in a band with 2 of the main members before they became Degrassi) who now have an EP and a couple of Peel sessions under their belts. Other bands from around that time that i liked were Urusei Yatsuara an ace now defunct Glasgwegian band, Number one Cup, a bit like a heavier Pavement, Super Furry Animals, Mogwai.. the list could go one but a lot of stuff i listened to then makes me cringe a little now  ;D

edit - forgot to add Laeto, highly recommended if you liked Mogwai's heavier stuff, these guys are brilliant live!
Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: Corporate_Automaton on September 07, 2006, 11:07:53 am

They were pretty good blokes, the guys in 'A'.  I remember (well, I say remember, I was a little inebriated at the time so my memory is hazy at best!) talking to Dan the bassist for ages about loads of rubbish and he was really sound!

It seems that 'A' got a taste for the big time with Nothing and wanted to get big and that's why they changed their sound and when you change your sound to sell records, it's always gonna alienate the fans who were there from the beginning.  I remember reading an interview around the time of Hi-Fi Serious and they were saying stuff like 'we want the next album to be huge and sell a million copies' and all that sort of stuff.  Mind you, every band wants to get big so I guess I can't really begrudge them that.  But, the whole new emo-y sound of 'A' doesn't appeal to me at all.

I'm learning about loads of bands in this thread!  Urusei Yatsuara and Number One Cup?  I've never heard of them, but I'm always willing to check out new stuff!


Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: PlacidCasual on September 07, 2006, 12:46:20 pm
Oh man youd love urusei yatsura, theyre album slain by urusei yatsura is brilliant. I reccommend it.  Most their work should be readily available from ebay or indie stores.  They had that kinda lo-fi sound that loads of band seemed to be tagged with back then and  carried some awesome catchy tunes. Songs like Hello Tiger and Kwepies Like Watermelon are ace.

I think i might check out Understand myself, would love to hear some new music.
Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: Jezmyers on September 07, 2006, 01:55:17 pm
right, here we go...

Jetpak - Jetpak broke up many many moons ago. They released a limited to 500 copies 7" on Gravity called Neck Mohican. They also did a split with Understand. Larry left Jetpak and joined Floor to form Hundred Reasons. Tim plays in a band called Jerry Built. Ross does acting of some sort i think. wayback machine

Understand - After the second album was written, made, I only know of one person that has a copy of it (and it's not me) the members went on to various other musical things. Dom is a tour manager and was A's tour manager for a long time. I last bumped into him working for Hundred Reasons. John went on own/run Mushroom studios near Southend. It's a really highly respected studio for young up and coming bands. Rob was last seen working as a lighting engineer. I'm not sure on the others. sorry.

A - are on an indefinite break. They achieved some success with their third album Hi-fi Serious getting a top ten single with Nothing. However the label didn't push them enough. A change in management at Warners meant that their fourth album was held back for 18 months and not promoted at all when released. Jason has gone on to be a writer/producer and has built his own studio. He has written and produced Matt Willis's album (along with Dan Carter). Jason is currently producing the new McFly album. Adam helps Jason out with wrtiting/producing/managing the business from what I can tell. Dan Carter has helped write for Matt Willis, plays bass for him and also has a side project called Lucky Nine with Colin (hundred reasons) and Richie Mills (cable). Giles works in the apple store in London and produces videos. Mark is in a new band, their name escapes me.

Some of this info might be slightly wrong but it'll do for now.

as a side note, the A guys are some of the nicest people I've ever met.
Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: Tim on September 07, 2006, 08:10:08 pm
Re Understand missing members - From what I can recall John also played in group called Woe after Understand and they supported Rival Schools on their 1st (?) UK tour dates. Stuart Quinnell worked for "A"s road crew for a few tours and also I think with Lowgold on some of their gigs. He was also a member of The Wonder Stuff when they reformed in 2000 and also played in the Miles Hunt Club. Last I saw of him was in the background of an interview with the Darkness on a local news programme (think he was a member of their road crew. Saw Rob doing the lights for Cable and also selling their T-shirts. I recall an interview with Muse in Kerrang (?) that included Dom in one of the pictures, maybe he was their tour manger as well. Also tour managed Cable at some point I think.



ps Think I may have 5/6 tracks from "Real Food At Last" on tape. Will have dig them out and try and bung them on a CD if anyone's interested ;)
Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: BoXofSlicE on September 09, 2006, 12:39:11 pm
Peers, I guess there was Gorilla, who were pretty good back in the day.

Then there was Bivouac who Pete mentions in that interview, who still to this day sound ace!
Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: superhorse on December 10, 2006, 08:09:44 pm
Groop Dogdrill too, but I guess they're probably in prison by now...  ;)

Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: Alec on November 10, 2007, 09:40:05 am
Elevate. Can anyone recommend any Elevate stuff? I have The Architect on vinyl and it's one of my favourite records. Did they do anything else? Is there a fansite or anything for them? I have been combing the internet but can't find anything...
Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: Gary_Baldi on December 02, 2007, 03:19:15 am
Hi everyone. Great forum, congratulations to everyone involved in getting this set up.

This thread really is bringing back a few memories. Does anyone else remember the Beekeepers? They were from Derby and I recall one of their videos (perhaps their only video?) made an appearance on the ITV Chart Show around 1997/98.
Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: PlacidCasual on December 02, 2007, 03:59:13 pm
Hey Gary, welcome.

I remember hearing of the beekeepers but i dont think i ever heard a recording. Im sure someones mentioned them on here before. White town had a number 1 hit too.. i can barely remember how it went but i seem to recall it was unusually ok for a number 1 hit.
Title: Re: Cable peers
Post by: Greg on December 06, 2007, 08:40:28 pm
hi I remember The Beekeepers, I know Tree the drummer from the band. There album was ace and they were great live too. Everyone should try and find a copy, its good.!