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Title: gone quiet again..
Post by: PlacidCasual on September 02, 2014, 11:45:49 am
Well all that excitement with the unexpected but very welcome gigs and just seeing cable together as band again was immense.  But it was kind of short lived it seems, maybe we all got what we needed, that last cable fix, it all seemed to just flash by so quickly and not much of a word has been said since from band or fans.   Maybe we are all just happy they got the seeing off they deserved in slightly better circumstances?

Personally, i was hoping for some new material, the thought still excites me a lot!  I reckon everyone would come crawling back out from their rocks and get excited again if news of this was granted.
Title: Re: gone quiet again..
Post by: BoXofSlicE on November 25, 2014, 12:59:42 am
you would have thought the gigs never happened it is really weird how they came and went and then nothing, i guess we can't complain i got to see them 3 more times out the 5.

I don't know i kinda thought at the time maybe they would get back together as they didn't split under normal circumstances. I am sure if they were all living in Derby they might have thought about it but i guess it things are different  now.