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Merry Christmas


Just like to wish all fellow cable fans and members of Cable a happy christmas and new year!

Unfortunately ive still got some shopping to do coz my capri has been playing up so ive spent the last 2 weekends hunting around scrapyards for parts and still not done yet. Tomorrows gonna be a mad rush!

I?ve got a 97 Mini Cooper (red if you?re interested) old cars can be fun when stuff goes wrong with them, happy Christmas to everyone and I hope father Christmas brings you lots of lovely toys!


Nice, minis are cool. Heres a pic of my cpari in case you're interested.  Theres a great forum im a member of called retro rides, theres some beautiful classic  motors there, a lot of them highly modded.

Thats great!!!

Have a great Xams and ace new year!

Greg. :D


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