Author Topic: Pre 0rder info - IMPORTANT PLS READ!  (Read 2121 times)


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Pre 0rder info - IMPORTANT PLS READ!
« on: October 22, 2006, 03:32:16 PM »
it never goes smooth does it!
Ive just found out that there's been a bit of a mix up with some of the delivery from our distributors. Bacially we just swapped over distributors t Vital, so everything is a bit messy at the moment because of that changeover, and for some reason or other some shops will not have had this delivered this week, and therefore probably wont put it on sale till the 30th now...
Now theres 2 ways you can do this - be patient (all good things! etc)
or we have also put order buttons up on the myspace now - so you can order from there - i hava a bunch of CDs at mine, so i can send them out straight away...
Just thought i shoudl let you guys know - as you'll probably be the ones heading out to shops to buy this!

Ok, sorry about that, hopefully nobody will be too pissed about it, we're doing everything we can to get it straight - but obviously its not ideal!!